Our Appeal


The Cathedral is a universally recognised Valletta landmark, especially to those approaching Malta from the sea. With the bell-tower and its spire rising to over 200 feet (60 metres) from the ground, it is an historic and iconic element of the skyline of Valletta. It is a vital part of Malta’s rich cultural heritage. To imagine Valletta’s skyline without the tower of the Pro-Cathedral is just as inconceivable as imagining St Mark’s Square in Venice, another World Heritage City, without its historic campanile.

An Appeal Committee in aid of the restoration of the Pro-Cathedral has been formed composed of like-minded, distinguished Maltese and foreign residents who have Malta’s cultural heritage at heart and who consider the preservation of this handsome building, which is so symbolic of Anglo-Maltese relations over the last two centuries or more, as vitally important. “Save the Valletta Skyline” is an Appeal which everybody living in Malta or abroad who has memories of this outstanding cathedral in Maltese cultural heritage should feel inspired to support.

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